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Ally Court

Rainbow Titanium Vertebrae Chainmaille Bracelet

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Beautifully colored rainbow anodized titanium rings have been woven together in combination with stainless steel rings to create this stunning bracelet.  The Vertebrae chainmaille weave lays flat, making this a great choice for a bracelet. The rainbow titanium toggle clasp has also been anodized in matching purples, blues, yellows, and greens. *Due to the nature of the anodizing process, rainbowed colors vary from ring to ring, making each bracelet one of a kind!

  • Rainbow Anodized Titanium rings
  • Stainless Steel rings
  • Rainbow Anodized Titanium toggle clasp
  • Length 8" measured end to end
  • Weight 0.6 ounces

Your titanium jewelry can be cleaned by simply soaking in warm water and liquid dish soap for about 5 minutes, rinse, and pat dry with soft cloth.

For more information on titanium jewelry, please visit our Materials page.