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Ally Court

Sky Blue Turkish Roundmaille 2 by 2 Necklace

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A unit of Turkish Roundmaille, woven from sky blue anodized aluminum and bright silver aluminum, has been attached on each side to a 2x2 chain to create this uniquely stunning necklace. Perfect for spring and summer! This piece is not only beautiful, it's also lightweight, and easy to care for. Pair it with with a set of matching earrings in a Byzantine weave! 

  • Length 18"
  • Width .33"
  • Weight .65 ounce
  • Sky Blue Anodized Aluminum Rings
  • Bright Aluminum Rings
  • Stainless Steel S Hook Clasp

Aluminum is not only beautiful, it is cost effective, super lightweight, and will not rust or tarnish. Cleaning your treasured jewelry pieces could not be easier when handcrafted from this material since there is no need for any type of specialty cleaners!  Simply soak for a few minutes in warm water and liquid dish soap, rinse, and pat dry with a soft cloth.